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It's an assignement about Risk and portfolio manag...




It's an assignement about Risk and portfolio management. Basics of finance.,It's Page 101 ONLY : Question1 e) and Question2 Regards.,You have to do Question 1 e) and Question 2 of this attached file. Regards.,Ok thank you. If you need answers to question 1 a)b)c)d) to answer to question e). I can send it to you. Regards.,Hello, Your work looks good, thank you. However, I have some questions: -Question 2)b)In class, our teacher told us that stdev in this formula=> U(x) = E(r) - 1/2A(s?) equals 0, so automaticaly, U(x)=E(r)=Certainty equivalent=13.99%. I'm not sure if I understood the teacher what do you think about that? -Question 2) c) In my course, I have this formula=> alpha(which represents the optimal proportion)= E(Rmkt)?rf/A(sigma?) Mathematicaly, your answer is right, but I don't understand why do you answer to this question thanks to one equation and not in using differenciation (derivative of alpha)... Can you briefly explain your answer? Regards.,I'm ok for the first part of your explanations. However, concerning the second part. If the formula given in my course (alpha=...etc) is correct, why when I use it to with your data, I find 11.45% and not your answer, which is 98.05% ? Thanks.,Hello, Ok, I'm going to compare my answer with those of my classmates and I'm going to decide after. Thanks for your working. Could I have your email, next time, I'll contact you directly without passing through this site... If you prefere of course. Regards.,Hello, So now, does the payment has been done? Or do I have to do something to pay you...,Perfect! thank you.


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