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HBS Case Study: Williams, 2002 1) How does Willia...




HBS Case Study: Williams, 2002 1) How does Williams get into financial distress? 2) What are some of the specific/potential costs of financial distress for Williams? Are they signs of under-investment at Williams? 3) Outside investors are reluctant in funding a firm with debt overhang. Why is BHLB willing to offer a large financial package to Williams? 4) Referring to the covenants in Exhibit 1: 4.1) Why does the financing agreement impose certain levels of financial ratios and liquidity? 4.2) Why does the financing agreement limit certain payments and inter-company indebtedness? 4.3) WHy does the financing agreement restrict the capital expenditure? Why not on the expenditure of RMT? 4.4) Why does BHLB want to attend board meetings? 5) Would you recommend accepting the proposed $900 million financing offer? If not, what alternatives would you pursue?,or could you help with with parts 1 - 3 first?,Hi Rachel File attached. There is no word limit to this,Dear Rachel Hope to hear from you soon Regards


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