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I only need questions 1-3 answered. I also attache...




I only need questions 1-3 answered. I also attached the case study that I have scanned so you are able to see it. Thanks. "case study: Garden state container corporation, Financial analysis forcasting Case 36 directed Garden State Container corporation manufactures boxes and other containers primarily for farm products. More than 85 percent of the company?s sales come from the northeastern part of the United States, Question 1,2,3 1. Complete the 1992 columns of Table 3 through 6. Disregarding for now data in the 1993, and 1994 columns. If you are using the Lotus model, use it to complete the tables. Be sure you understand all the numbers, as it would be most embarrassing (and harmful to you career) if you were asked how you put a particular number, and you could not give a meaningful response. 2. Based on the information in the case and on the results of your calculations in Question 1, prepare a list of Garden State ?s strengths and weaknesses. In essence, you should look at the common-size statements and each group of key ratios (for example, the liquidity ratios) and see what those ratios indicate about the company?s operations and financial condition. As a part of your answer, use the extended Du Pont equation to highlight the key relationships. 3. Recognizing that you might want to revise your opinion later, does it appear, based on your analysis to this point, that the bank should lend the requested money to Garden State ? Explain.


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