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?Canadian? Corporate Finance questions: There ar...




?Canadian? Corporate Finance questions: There are 3 questions in total. Please make sure you include thorough explanations, include all formulas and calculations used to derive your answers. Please answer based on Canadian standards.,The textbook I am using is Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4th canadian edition by brealey, myers, marcus, maynes, and mitra. Chapter 5 discusses valuing bonds from pages 130 to 154. I have attached a slide deck overviewing the chapter. But it doesn't cover all the material from the textbook. Can you not do #2? But you accepted the questions? Please let me know as I need this. Thanks.,Hi, Can you please answer these questions with the appropriate formulas from Canadian Corporate Finance? In a previous homework question I submitted (with 3 questions also), the tutor used the appropriate formulas and thoroughly explained. I need explanations using the formulas and not excel spreadsheet. Please answer like the tutor did for my other answered finance question. Can you please do this with the formulas instead of excel spreadsheet. Thanks.


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