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Given Topic: Explain the differences between equi...




Given Topic: Explain the differences between equity-based and debt/borrowing-based sources of business finance. Discuss business characteristics that might make one form preferable to the other. How might these characteristics affect the choice between long-term and short-term sources? Based on your own experience, do you believe enterprises will necessarily have access to the most appropriate form of financing? Justify your response. I have attached one of my class mate response to above topic. I need your help to read the attached solution (RS is my class mate name) and assess the extent to which: ? contribute original views ? build creatively on the views of others ? show intelligent critique of theory or practice ? add an international or cultural aspect to the class ? show originality in the application of theory ? clarify the theory being studied ? Encourage the effective contribution of other members of the class. Document requirement should around 2 paragraphs with 2 to 3 lines. May be around 500 words would be sufficient.,No reference is given.,QID:7499310 has same solution of QID: 7499267. Pls provide right solution within 30 mins.,Please respond,Same solutions given for QID:7499267,7499310. Please correct Eathier of the one.


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