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plscan you help e with the problems i attached




plscan you help e with the problems i attached,t just found out that the problem i attached that the question where wrong so i was ask to disregard the question i summited and do the one below sorry for the inconvenience A firm has sales of $1,090, net income of $182, net fixed assets of $478, and current assets of $270. The firm has $94 in inventory. What is the common-size statement value of inventory? 52.5 percent 34.8 percent 8.6 percent 19.7 percent 12.6 percent A firm has total assets of $4,430 and net fixed assets of $1,350. The average daily operating costs are $156. What is the value of the interval measure? 33.56 days 28.40 days 19.74 days 8.65 days 39.49 days A firm has a debt-equity ratio of .37. What is the total debt ratio? .41 .27 .59 1.70 1.37 A firm has total debt of $1,330 and a debt-equity ratio of .28. What is the value of the total assets? $1,702 $3,734 $4,750 $2,800 $6,080 Al's Sport Store has sales of $2,710, costs of goods sold of $2,100, inventory of $545, and accounts receivable of $446. How many days, on average, does it take the firm to sell its inventory assuming that all sales are on credit? 133.3 days 94.7 days 93.4 days 73.4 days 148.7 days The Purple Martin has annual sales of $4,700, total debt of $1,230, total equity of $2,400, and a profit margin of 6 percent. What is the return on assets? 6.00 percent 11.75 percent 7.77 percent 22.93 percent 10.09 percent


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