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compose an e-mail memo that you as Ed Sellack, wou...




compose an e-mail memo that you as Ed Sellack, would send to John Bass explaining the actions that you pan to take and your rationale for them(no more than two pages). In thinking about the situation consider: 1. Ed's strenghts an liability as a change agent and his resiliency in a change situation such as this. 2. What Ed must do to become a more effective change agent. 3. The "unfreezing," "changing," and "refreezing" process in this situation as discussed in the Nichols article('s.htm). Your memo should include: 1. your analysis of the key issues. 2. your assessment of readiness for change in the group. 3. the strategies that should be taken to complete the change. 4. how will the team implement these strategies. 5. the challenges that the team will face while implementing these steps. 6. how will you go about dealing with these challenges.,I just sent you the entire question. what else do you want me to clarify?,May I please have an answer asap? Thank you!


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