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I do not want professor riyer to work on this assi...




I do not want professor riyer to work on this assignment. Thank you! DUE DATE: February 8, 2013 AT 7:00 AM BUS 499: Business Administration Capstone Please do not take too long to confirm, I will appreciate it. Assignment (Attached): 6 to 8 page paper. DO NOT SELECT Wal-Mart Stores, Inc./or Eastman Kodak Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS very careful, since unfortunately a few professors do not read it carefully, then ask what is already explained. Note: I just attached 1 scan right here, the remaining attachments (scans) will be attached one by one in a bit later, because I cannot attach more than one on this posting. PLAGIARISM is NOT accepted, please DOUBLE check for plagiarism. The last assignment did by professor riyer was entirely plagiarized, and I had a hard time, it was a big headache! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please see below a pretty good website for plagiarism, or check on any plagiarism checker you might have. Please use SHORT "in text citations" to support your own words/answer. And enclosed with " ". This way I can know where the "in text citations" START and where it END. Also, please include page # (pg. 2) or paragraph # (para. 4), Volume #, etc. if applicable. Example of "in text citation" "The evidence is a basic as the terra preta do indio, or India Black Earth" (Glick, 2007, para. 4) NOTE: Make sure to use SHORT "in tent citations" to support your own words/answers. Some professors use long citations and few of own words, this is not acceptable, since is not providing a quality work, so please when explaining in your own words the short citation, please do around 300 words not less than that or a page, please explain clear, precise, concise, and detailed, using double space, times roman 12. Please include a Reference page, all info need to be included: For example: page #, paragraph #, volume #, etc. if applicable. Example of Reference: Glick, D. (2007, February 10). Bio-char sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems?A review [Electronic mailing list message]. retrieved from


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