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3.0 Marketing Strategy - Introduce your marketing...




3.0 Marketing Strategy - Introduce your marketing strategies; What IMC approach are you planning? What marketing strategies will you use? What advertising strategies will you use? What types of media? Why did you choose these strategies? 3.1 Mission - What is the mission of your e-business? Your organization exists to accomplish something. Who is your customer? What is of value to the customer? 3.2 Marketing Objectives - Meeting these marketing objectives should lead to sales; Objectives should be clear, be measurable, and have a stated time frame for achievement 3.3 Financial Objectives - the ultimate goal of your Marketing plan is the effect it will have on the bottom line; example: customer sales by volume and growth percentage or growth percentage by market segments 3.4 Target Markets - What general strategy will be used to reach your target market? Needs/Benefits sought by the market; Product usage; Product positioning; Consumer/Business purchasing process (decision-making); Market size estimates; This section should include extensive research, for example: Data on your product/service industry, Demographics/Psychographic profile: gender, age, occupation, education, life style geographic region, attitudes, purchasing characteristics, etc. 3.5 Positioning - What opinions does your audience already have about this type of product? Is there a gap in the consumers? needs that this product can fill? Is there a specific application that your product fits very well? Can you base the position on the uniqueness of the product, the product quality, or the pricing strategies? Is it possible to position your product based upon opportunities you found after research? 3.6 Strategies - Explain how your marketing programs will support your company's strategic plan - company uniqueness, competitive advantage, adjusting to market conditions, trends and changes. 3.7 Marketing Mix Product: brand name, features/attributes, quality, warranty, labeling, packaging, etc; Promotion: advertising, types of media, sales promotion, personal selling, public MKTG522 Marketing Plan Guide relations, your methods, message/theme, timing, budget, projected results, etc.; Place / Distribution: types of distribution channels, direct, retail, distributors, intermediaries, locations, logistics, motivating the channel partners, level of market coverage, channel distribution challenges, etc.; Price: type of strategy, list price, discounts, bundling, market segment, channels, geography, payment terms and financing options, leasing options, supply/demand, economic/legal considerations, etc. 3.8 Marketing Research - Research methods to be used; Data requirements - information needed, projected results; Research responsibility - Internal, outside agency, purchased data, etc.; Limitations and challenges.


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