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I need help with my final assignment. I have prov...




I need help with my final assignment. I have provided the 4 assignments leading to this final paper. The instructions are as such: In this final assignment, you will compile the previous four (4) assignments as well as adding the marketing strategies. Write an eighteen to twenty (18-20) page paper in which you: 1. Write an executive summary of your marketing plan. 2. Provide the company's mission statement and company introduction. 3. Provide the company's branding, pricing, and distribution plan. 4. Provide the IMC and customer satisfaction plan. 5. Provide the following information about the marketing strategies: a. Discuss the company's competitors, and its strengths and weaknesses. b. Determine the differentiation strategy in relation to the closet competitor. c. Explain whether the company's intention is to be a leader or follower within the industry. d. Assess the macro-environmental issues (legal, technological, social, and economic) trends with which the company must operate. e. Identify the most significant trend to impact the business and discuss how the company intends to minimize or capitalize on this trend. 6. Support your marketing plan with at least ten (10) reference sources that discuss the nature of the assignment.


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