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Read the Short Case Study below. Post a 150-300 wo...




Read the Short Case Study below. Post a 150-300 word response to the following: -Describe the ethical issues facing a manager in the study case -Imagine you are a manager at the company described in the case. Explain how you would remedy this ethical dilemma. Short Case Study: MANAGING A DIVERSE WORKFORCE After two years of sales calls and persuasion, a large, multinational petroleum company? Big Oil Ltd.?decides to sign with your employer, Secure Bank. Since Big Oil is headquartered in Saudi Arabia and most of the meetings with the client have been in the Middle East, Secure Bank?s senior executive in charge of oil and oil products companies, Julie, has not attended. Although the Secure Bank employees who have met with the company have told the Big Oil executives that the lead on their account will be a woman, the news must not have registered, perhaps because of language difficulties. Today, the Big Oil reps are in Chicago to sign on the dotted line and meet with Secure Bank?s senior managers, and of course, they?ve met with Julie. A member of your sales team calls you to say that Big Oil?s senior team member has told him he does not want Julie to work on their account, period. Because of cultural issues, Big Oil execs are uncomfortable dealing with women from any country. As Julie?s manager, what do you do?


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