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"To ensure that your stakeholders are ready and pr...




"To ensure that your stakeholders are ready and prepared for the solutions you will be providing, you will need to review your original stakeholder analysis and communications plan to be sure you have all of your bases covered. You additionally will need to create a logic diagram to match your data gathering to potential solutions. For this assignment we will be concentrating on:- Nurturing Commitment and Logic Diagram. Using the information as well as other sources you have discovered in your research and experience. In this 2-5 page addition to your composite work you will: -Review the on the stakeholder analysis and communications plan you created in Unit 2 -Make any changes or corrections that are necessary and explain why you have made these changes -Describe and cite the function of a Logic Diagram -Complete the Logic Diagram -Tie back the logic diagram to the hypothesis and storyboard you originally created in the last paper. Please use APA format for all sources.,Sorry Rachel just saw your note. This first attachment is the logic diagram example.,This attachment shows the stakeholders analysis.,This attachment if the first assignment you gave me related to the topic for information.,Please confirm once you rec'd the attachments.,Any updates on the assignment yet Rachel.


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