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""In this 2-5 page addition to your first assignme...




""In this 2-5 page addition to your first assignment including exhibits, you will: -Define each stakeholder group and their impact on the organizations success -Describe and cite the function of a stakeholder analysis profile -Create a stakeholder analysis profile -Compose an overall communications plan and describe any individual plans for each stakeholder group (if applicable) -Prepare a scoping diagram based on your organization?s situation. Describe and cite the function of a scoping diagram and why you selected the components to insert in your diagram The following are questions to answer as you develop your scoping diagram. ? Describe the elements of the situation. ? Draw a rich picture of your situation. ? Have you clearly identified the client? ? How SMART is your objective? ? Does everyone agree to the objective, and is it realistic? ? Can you improve specificity and measurability? This is a continuation from the last paper you gave me.,Please don"t forget that this paper is a coninuation to the last paper ok Rachel, so it has to relate to the previous one.,Can I have the sources that were used in this paper for my reference section please.


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