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Hi its been a while I have a research paper for yo...




Hi its been a while I have a research paper for you for the research proposal you did on global environment she said the research proposal was good. I am attaching all the info that you need . Good luck don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Research Paper (Due Week 7) The research paper will consist of an objective examination of a liberal arts topic related to living in a global community. Learners may research some aspect of culture?politics, social change, music, film, art, theatre, literature, science, or religion?in a country other than the United States or learners may focus on an aspect of American culture that has implications for the global community. The Components of a Research Paper A research paper as a ?review of the literature? is an integration of what academic scholars and experts have written on a given subject. Therefore, in writing a paper, you are not so much adding to the available information on a subject as making use of information that is already known. However, you can be original in the selection and organization of the material which you have researched, and in the conclusions which you arrive at as a result of the research. The components that are required in Ottawa University research papers are the Introduction, the Body, the Conclusion, and the References page. In simple terms, the Introduction is a brief statement to readers describing the issue to be researched and what lies ahead in the paper. The body of the paper, made up of your researched information (usually in three sections or more), integrates the information you have gathered to ?answer? your research question. The conclusion is your brief summary, or restatement, and the conclusions that you have reached from your research. The reference list informs your readers where you obtained your information. All sources used in your research paper are documented on your References page. In addition, your instructor may require an additional Discussion section to demonstrate your critical thinking in analyzing the information available on your topic. Remember from high school English composition class: ? Introduction?tell them what you?re going to tell them ? Body?tell them (the body is actually your research-based answer to your research question) ? Conclusion?tell them what you told them ? References?tell them where you got what you told them I am going to give you as much information as you need.


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