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This paper absolutely has to be done by the deadli...




This paper absolutely has to be done by the deadline given, please only reply if you have assurance that your schedule will allow you to complete by allotted time, Thank you. I will need the same person to complete Unit 1 assignment as does Unit 2 assignment. Unit 1 assignment is the one we are concentrating on now and the one that is due today. After Unit 1 is completed and sent back to me to review, I will increase price for the Unit 2 paper which you will have several days to complete. The attachments contain info. that needs to be used. The 1st attachment are the directions to be followed. The 2nd attachment is the Template that must be used to write the paper. The 3rd attachment is the PEST Template that needs to be used. The 4th attachment is the SWOT Template that needs to be used The 5th and 6th attachments are from the textbook to be used as 1 of the references. The 7th attachment is my person vision/mission statements. (Redefine and or change as necessary) Some tips from the Professor: "Use a citation (reference) in the mission and vision statements - one that supports what constitutes a good mission or vision statement - and examples of good mission and vision statements. The QuickMBA site should also be used as a reference. Be sure there is continuity between all the steps. The Environmental Scan (Step 3) needs to support the mission and vision. If I look at what you have in the SWOT and PEST it needs to be specific to the mission/vision statements, this has been a common problem in the past". Be sure to follow and use the Templates. Put the charts in the Appendix and label them (Appendix A, B, etc.) for reference in the narrative as appropriate. Students often relate their mission and vision to employment which is great.....a very generic mission (e.g., "to solve world hunger", "be the best I can be", "contribute to the greater good of mankind", etc.) are perhaps noble statements but they become very difficult to define in the subsequent steps. You will lose valuable points if the mission and vision are not thoughtfully constructed based on sound principles -- use outside references and scholarly references and journals to research strategy development. Be somewhat specific in the M and V to enable Steps 3 - 5 and connect the dots for a cohesive package once finished. These are things you would want to do in developing a strategy for a business or organization.


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