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The purpose of this project is to create a strateg...




The purpose of this project is to create a strategic plan and to present the plan in a professional manner. Pick a company and do a plan on that organization. (We have already selected Burger King). Your basic outcome is an analysis of a company's (or potential company's) strategy, starting with its generic strategy. You should outline what the company is doing, whether the company's strategy(s) are sound, and whether or not they are being implemented correctly. Throughout the paper, and based on your analysis, you should include recommendations for changes and/or improvements. The strategic plan should include 1. vision and mission (please use the one attached) 2. industry analysis (please use the one attached) 3. competitive analysis (please use the one attached) 4. financial analysis (please create) 5. generic strategy selection (please create) 6. alternative strategies selection (please use attached) 7. how organization should implement its (new) strategy(s) (please create) Final Presentation Present its strategic plan using PowerPoint.


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