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I have cases in attach, I want to answer the quest...




I have cases in attach, I want to answer the questions in order and by number rather than in an essay format. For the case I want you to write a paper that answers or does the following items: 1. Summarize the facts of the case in an understandable fashion. Draw a diagram of what happened if you wish. Don?t cut and paste the information from the case. I can read, what I want you to demonstrate is that you can explain to me what happened. 2. Describe the issues the courts are facing?. Ie the issue in front of the court is whether the Plaintiff, defendant broke the law by?. Or whether a bank is responsible for the financial frauds of its employees when they knew or should have known that a fraud was going on? there may be more than one issue in each case. Note the grade on number two is in part based on whether you described the major issues of the case?. (ISSUE) 3. Describe the RULE (the LAW) for each issue you described in Number two above. In this point, it is expected that you would quote the relevant area of the law.. .Hint, most of these cases the court is going to do this for you? They might quote a criminal section of the law or they might quote a civil section of the law? if you see the court saying something about the U.C.C. it is probably the law. (RULE) 4. (Analysis), Describe HOW the facts as they happened in your case either fit in with the description of the law or are different. 5. Conclusion, Based on your analysis do you feel the court reached the right conclusion? why or why not. 6. If your case was a criminal case (civil cases can skip this question), describe how the UCC played a role in the criminal case? What I want to know here is what is the relationship between the criminal code and the UCC?. For example some criminal check fraud provisions and such reference the UCC, or use the same language. 7. If your case was a civil case (criminal cases can skip this question), describe the relationship of the UCC violations to criminal violations?. I want you to consider what laws may have been broken in this case that were criminal. 8. Worth the same as a question above. Find out in your case if it was a civil case whether any of the individuals involved were prosecuted criminally and for what and the result. If your case was a criminal case find out if there was a civil lawsuit involving any of the aprties (the bank), the people and what was the result.


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