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Using the five steps of the decision making proces...




Using the five steps of the decision making process discuss the following scenario. Once you have posted your response, you will be able to see other students' posts. Rocco is the manager of a movie theatre. In recent years, a number of competitors have cut into his business, and cable television and rental video stores have reduced the number of moviegoers even further. Rocco desperately needs to get people to patronize his theater, particularly since the owners have begun to discuss closing it and dismissing him if box office receipts don?t improve. Let?s say that this problem is best expressed by ?how to attract moviegoers away from other theaters to Rocco?s and how to attract people who don?t ordinarily go to movie theaters.? A) provide a number of possible solutions B) provide sample questions that would be generated for information-gathering purposes for each of those solutions C) What solution do you think is best? Why? D) What would be some of the action steps to be taken with your ideal solution?


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