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When building a new organization or when an organi...




When building a new organization or when an organization experiences dramatic growth, leaders must determine the structure and culture of the organization. While the culture will evolve over time and each individual that joins the new organization will leave some imprint on the culture, it is the leaders' responsibility to define how the organization will look and how individuals will behave. Prepare a draft document that defines the new organization addressing the following considerations: (3-5 pages) 1. What type of structure will be best suited to a multinational internet retailer? Why? 2. How would you recommend building a culture that was inclusive of diverse cultures and accommodates highly creative technical staff? 3. How would you measure the success of your organizational design in structure and culture? Develop a short presentation of 4-6 slides that reflects the paper with speaker notes of 100-150 words per slide. 1. How would you build teams across a geographically diverse organization? 2. How would you build a consensus discussion on the values of such an organization? Responses should indicate: understanding of cross-culture diversity that includes country of origin and local customs and values that may be direct conflict with each other demonstrate understanding of the theoretical foundations for culture and include innovative ways to develop a sense of organization unity developing virtual community of employees and the challenges of working w/ others diverse background, culture, time zone, etc....


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