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Dear Tutor, Can you please provide detail explana...




Dear Tutor, Can you please provide detail explanation answers for the questions below? If outside resource is used please provide proper citation. 1. How does the organization employ the Internet and other recent (and emerging) technologies in its product or service offerings/development and marketing efforts? 2. What advantages/threats does the new economy pose for the organization? 3. What strategic imperatives underlie success (i.e. Google) as compared to decline (i.e. Yahoo) within an industry or product category of your choice/?? 4. Why has Best Buy (brick-and-click model) been under such pressure from Amazon (click model)? How is Best Buy planning to combat the dynamics of it's changing industry structure and competitive position therein?? 5. Using your crystal ball and looking out 5 years, you are CEO of a venture capital firm with the opportunity to acquire ONE (and only one) of the companies you cite (Expedia, Priceline, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay). Which of these companies would you target? More importantly - why would you target said company (paying special attention to the relative long-term strength of each respective business model)? 6. Given that Yahoo has recently handed over the reigns to a new CEO (Marissa Mayer) in an effort to reorient the business and brand, what strategic decisions might you recommend to Mayer on behalf of Yahoo stakeholders?? Why?? 7. Explain the concept of disintermediation for the rest of your peers and provide example(s) of a brand/business model that stands to benefit from disintermediation as well as a brand/business model that may well perish as a result of disintermediation?


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