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Dear Tutor, Please provide detail explanation and answer for the below questions. If you are using outside resource please provide a proper citation. Please use your own words to answer the below questions. 1. Coca-Cola is entering a business in China. Identify a short list of potential target companies (Tingyi & Wahaha) in the China country provide a rationale for considering each one and potential Target Companies Partnership in China. 2. Coca-Cola: Determination of the target company (Tingyi & Wahaha) for a strategic partnership or acquisition in China. Briefly review the China eBusiness environment of that country and determine if there are any implications for (Coca-Cola) selected industry and potential acquisition. 2A. Key multinational and local players in the target industry in the target country. Please provide detail information. 2B. Selection, with rationale of the target company to be acquired. Please provide detail information.


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