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I. Market Analysis You need to conduct research...




I. Market Analysis You need to conduct research on your company. What type of company is it? How does it do business? What are its products or services? You must then analyze the company and do a complete Market Analysis. Write a 4-5 page report that includes a summary of the business, the market, and the industry. Items to include in this section would be a comprehensive SWOT analysis, a developed marketing environment analysis, and an evaluation of the business's primary customers, the marketing mix, and an outline of its main competitors (at least two). All references MUST be included in APA format, and you can utilize an eppendix for any extra information that you think is critical to this evaluation. Hello, This is my assignment. It is a research paper and it's on the company "" All I have to do it is well explainable in the first paragraph. But, the main focus point of the paper is a "Market Analysis" on the company It needs to be 4-5 pages long, in a APA format, and need to have some references or workcited at the end of the research. The Work Cited page need to be in an APA Format as well. Also here is an attachment with some info I have gather for that might be very helpful to complete this research. Thank you Tifanny V.,Thank you!!!


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