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This message is for Professor Rachel I'm "sup...




This message is for Professor Rachel I'm "super" alarmed with the work you guys do and I am more alarmed the amount you want to charge me ($200). Please take a look at the work you did for me: Business-doc 8235062. I don't know how come you want to charge such big amount of money of $ 200, if I had accepted this payment (which is too much and could not afford it) would have lost my money because you did not provide a good work. Double check what you did and see the many misspelling, in addition to the very long "in text citations" where I specified very clear on my instructions to use "short in text citations", besides that you only provided only 1 to support your answers and which I had to guess which one. This was a message sent by you: ?Dear StudentI have just used one intext and I have put the quotes.Please find the solution attached?. I think it is not fair to pay the $70.00 I paid to fix all mistake you made and I ALWAYS have to go back and forth just because the lock of paid close attention to details. My professor gave me very low grade for the long and few in text citations. Thank God I read everything and noticed all misspelling words which I fixed, but she still gave me low grade. This really made me mad.


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