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I'm sorry professor Rachel, like I said I cannot a...




I'm sorry professor Rachel, like I said I cannot afford that amount and I'm wondering, since I been with course hero for around 4 years and the must I've paid is around $70.00 not the amount you're asking for. Also I don't understand why asking such high amount since the professors NEVER provides a satisfactory work, since always are missing part of instructions and I have to go back and forth always. If you could please accept the $70.00 I'll really appreciate it and can reward you later if I'm satisfy with the work done, if you don't accept it I'll try to do it with another company. Thank you very much! BUS 310 (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT) DUE DATE: MAY 16, 2012 AT 9:00 AM Please confirm if you?re going to work on it, and please do not take too long to confirm, I?ll appreciate it! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGE. As soon as you confirm you?re going to work on it, it is extremely important you LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY which ORGANIZATION OR COMPANYYOU WILL SELECT, since I need to notify my professor for approval. PLEASE READ-READ-READ EVERYTHING VERY CAREFUL, SINCE EVERY SINGLE WORD COUNT. THIS WAY YOU AVOID CONFUSION AND MISTAKES. PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTED: Please check your paper in the following free website: (if you can?t get access directly through this website then go to and type in the search bar: (Plagiarism checker and click on USE ?IN TEXT CITATION? to support your response. (I have a lot of problems with some of you who do not follow instructions and do not use in text citations even though it is clearly specified on the instructions). And PLEASE, DON?T FORGET TO ENCLOSE YOUR CITATION WITH ? ? ?If the ?in text citation? is NOT ?enclosed? I have to guess where the citation STARTS and where it ENDS. Another important point is to use short citations and more of your words?. There are some of you who use long in text citations with just a few of own words, which means are not doing enough effort to provide a good work. INCLUDE: INTRODUCTION, CONCLUSION AND REFERENCES PAGE (Include a minimum of three (4) references (sources). Introduction, conclusion and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. If possible you can use the following book as ONE of your reference: DeNisi, A. & Griffin, R. W. (2012.) HR (1st ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western. Supplemental Resources The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) Join SHRM as a student Member at: Please use plain English. ENCLOSED IN THE ATTACHMENT ARE THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONS.


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