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Urgent Request for a Business Information Class Require assistance to review my own work and help in completing stage 1 project for an upper college level class. I have already completed most of the work but I do not believe my work is following the rubric correctly and I think I am missing some ideas. Attached you will find the scenario, and grading rubric. I am ONLY concerned with "STAGE 1" so we only need to look at the attached stage 1 section area as a .pdf Pages 1-3 provides scenario Pages 4-8 provides question and grading rubric for stage 1 I will send my work with references as a .docx file. I have used a number of reference sources but I did not incorporate them correct in my paper in APA formet. Again, I also am missing some areas that are require to fulfill the grading rubric to a 100% ("A") Due Date: NO LATER than Monday 2/4/2013, 5:00pm CST Please advise.


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