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This is about Human Resource papers. I did other...




This is about Human Resource papers. I did other remain parts,but I need your help to complete this two sections! ? Employee Rights: a. Employee & Managerial Rights b. Wrongful termination c. Disciplining d. Labor relations/Unions e. Whistle-blowers f. Employment contracts ? Employee Safety and Security or Ethics and Sustainability: a. Negligent hiring b. Working conditions c. Corporate social responsibility WHAT IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE: You should have a separate ?submission? (i.e., section) for each of these topics. Each section should include the following: 1. Heading 2.Description of the topic 3.Description of your trend/issue 4.Discussion explicitly linking the trend issue to the topic and why it is important -Each section 2 pages ( limit) *The final report should have 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, following the Academy of Management or American Psychological Association Style Guides for references. - I attached the file for explanation of this journal. please help me to wirte left the remaing two parts.


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