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Case requirements: 1. Develop a detailed select...




Case requirements: 1. Develop a detailed selection plan for the position of a department manager to determine the most important KSAOs for this position. 2. Using the selection plan, develop a standardized interview protocol consisting of 10 questions that will be asked of all candidates, along with scoring keys for each question. 3. Conduct pilot interviews using the protocol you have established to determine the effectiveness of your questions. 4. Revise your interviews based on feedback from participants.,Here are additional notes. I hope this helps. Thanks.,Yes that is correct. Will you be able to help me am dealing with a little of Dyslexia, so I can't understand what I read sometimes clearly.,I did not get a email, so i had no clue that you needed more information.,How do I talk to you online. My assignment was do tonight at 11:55 p.m. Since you are asking me to reset my due date this will make me late on my assignment. I feel like I am do a refund.


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