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There is no word limit for the solution. Just for the questions to be answered. Career Research Assignment Scenario: You just found out that your spouse received a promotion at his/her job. The only problem is that this promotion will force you to move to another state. Fortunately, you have just graduated DeVry University and are ready to obtain a position with your new degree. Before you go, you want to do some research. Utilizing Library and Internet resources conduct research and submit your responses to the following questions: 1. What type of position will you will be seeking and in which state? A Project Manager in Maryland. Another category project manager falls under as far as title, would be Construction Manager or Computer and Information Systems Manager. 1. For this position respond to the following questions with official sources noted: 1. 1. What type of salary can you expect for this position in your new state? The average salary for a project manager 1. 1. What is the ?official? (such as the information provided in The Occupation Outlook Handbook Online located in the Webliography) employment outlook for this position in your new state? Website to use is 1. Locate three employers in your new state who would employ someone with your intended position and complete the following information on each of them? 1. 1. Name of Company/Organization 2. Address 3. Web site 4. Name and title of the highest-ranking officer 5. When was the company/organization started 6. Approximate number of employees 7. How is the company performing financially and based upon this information, what are the employment prospects likely to be? 8. What kind of good or service does the company provide 9. What resources did you use to obtain this information? ?,In case the one I copied & pasted above is not in a good format I have attached it as well as the official links for the sources to use. There is no set amount on how many sources. As long as I am providing them in my research paper.


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