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I need assist with this assignment, need to be APA...




I need assist with this assignment, need to be APA style 300 words, citation within text.Attached is the assignment, I only need my portion done which has my name in yellow (Terry), (What ethical consideration must be included in your determination as to the design of the performance evaluation section?)Please let me know if you are able to assits me with this assignment.,Rachel- Good to see you are willing to assists me with my portion of the assignment, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks Terry,Rachel- I just gotten home from work, could you please update me on the assignment. Thanks Terry,Rachel- Just a heads up please be sure to submit references, with assignment. Once again thanks for helping me with this assignment. Thanks Terry,Rachel- I will need you to put citation within the text of the assignment, nevertheless, as always great job. Look forward to you helping me in the future. Thanks Terry


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