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? In this personal application assignment you will...




? In this personal application assignment you will work on one product category or service offered by the organization you work for. If this is not possible, select one product of an organization in which you have worked before, or an organization you would like to work for in the future. 1) Describe the target market of the product and the segmentation strategy that the organization has employed (refer to Chapter 5, pg. 173). 2) Explain the product positioning (refer to Chapter 7, pg. 235). 3) What would you do to improve the product positioning? ? Connect the material in the course to your explanations. Do not ramble, or re-define the concepts, apply them and be precise. Make your points in approximately 4 paragraphs; each paragraph should have about 3-4 sentences. ? Post your analysis on the corresponding discussion forum (do not attach a document). Include the reference if you did your own research. ? Comment on other student?s work.


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