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To prepare for this discussion, consider the organ...




To prepare for this discussion, consider the organisation you work for (or one you are quite familiar with). Also review the article ?Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy?. With these thoughts in mind, in a 750 ? 1000 word response, post your answers to the following questions to the Discussion Board by Saturday: ? Perform an analysis of YOUR organizational context (considering the five competitive forces) and identify those resources in YOUR organization that are connected to competitive advantage (VRIO). ? In your follow-on response, elaborate on your experiences in applying these 'models' to your context. Focus in particular on the following issues: ? Which insights did you gain and which difficulties did you encounter in applying (e.g. relating to the identification or measurement of variables) these tools? ? This follow-up discussion you should aim to respond to other students? particular contexts and compare them with your own, as well as with the case material for Coca-Cola. You should therefore see yourself not only as students, but as critical users of academic theory. The emphasis of this week?s discussion lies not on your technical ability to apply a theoretical framework, but upon your critical engagement with these tools. It is important that you highlight how such a tool may help to identify organizational direction in your particular context ? and also which difficulties you find in applying and/or implementing the strategic directions that emanate from your analysis. You may want to refer to your particular infrastructural, cultural, industry-developmental, socio-political or historical circumstances when reflecting on the strategy tools. Remember to cite and reference examples from the readings and journal articles for this week.,Ma'am, Please avoid plagiarism and put proper reference. almost every solution of you has at least 35% plagiarism. I completely relay on you.,It seems all you solutions are full of plagiarism. Just to giving you a statistic. QID:6981523 (63%) lead to my module fail. (I am all most in big trouble) QID:7256272 (54%) & 7251033 (34%) . I sent for correction. but I did not get the modified document on time. I have to redo again. Nevertheless, no point of talking the past. but the current QID: 7272416 has 83% plagiarism. If I submit this I will definitely fail. I need you support to correct this ASAP. I am attaching the your original document with yellow highlighted and Plagiarism report. please help me fix it by today. I as the assignment due date already passed.,Please expedite. As I told you assignment due date is password.,Still I could see around 23%. find the attached originality report.,Quoted should not be more then 10%. may please paraphrase the Quote with reference. please help,It looks ok. I hope I will not get this kid of problem in my QID: 7258163 which is yet to get.


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