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To prepare for this discussion, revisit the ?Cola...




To prepare for this discussion, revisit the ?Cola Wars? case from Week 1, and review the article ?Looking inside for competitive advantage?. Refer to your analysis in the first Discussion Question from this week (Week 2). With these thoughts in mind, in a 750 ? 1000 word response, post your answers to the following question: Consider your findings in the first Week 2 Discussion Question regarding those resources that you indentified as most important to Coca-Cola for gaining a competitive advantage, and those that should be invested or disinvested. Identify differences between them from a resource perspective and the industry analysis/positioning perspective. How do you think the identified key resources support and/or contradict the suggestions you made for Coca-Cola in week 1?,Ma'am, Find my tutor remark for one my class mate. Tutor Comments: To everybody: if you are looking for an example of how to cite/referencing correctly using the Harvard system, then look at what Pansy has done in this paper - it is right on target. I attached the sample of that.,Dear Ma'am, Please try to follow the Harvard format standard and (b) for a reference to be a reference (and not just bibliography) there has to be at least 1 Harvard-style citation in the text pointing to it. ",Trust you have provided me the solution for QID: 7251033. It is high plagiarism. Find the attached report of QID:7251033. Trust you will not repeat the same for this solutions. Please ensure no Plagiarism and dont copy from other student solutions.,Dear Ma'am, Again high degree of Plagiarism. Please find the attached Turnitin report. I need you support to quickly fix it. Otherwise I will be in trouble.,Awaiting you response. Please help.,No luck. still high degree of Plagiarism. Please find the attached Turnitin report.


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