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With respect, I have asked the same question twice...




With respect, I have asked the same question twice (three now) with zero result - How many questions am I allowed? On this web site a document was posted (which I am unable to find now even after typing the question in the search area) with the question as follows: "Ohio, Inc., which uses a process-cost accounting system, began operations on January 1 of the current year. The company incurs conversion cost evenly throughout manufacturing. If Ohio started work on 3,000 units during the period and these units were 70% of the way through manufacturing, it would be correct to say that the company has: A. 3,000 physical units inproduction B. 2,100 completed units C. 900 in-process units D. 900 equivalent units of production E. 3,000 equivalent units of production Thank you.


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