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Given the increasing regulations of the Internet...




Given the increasing regulations of the Internet and email by the Government of China, recommend to the CEO of Google whether the company should continue to operate in China, the world?s fastest and among the largest growth markets. Write an analytical report with the intention of making a recommendation to the CEO of the relevant company according to which case scenario you choose to work on. For your report, you will need to: Identify key issues in the case scenario you choose Analyze and evaluate the issues you identify Research the company, organizations, industry, and the operating environment, etc. involved Recommend an action plan to management When writing your report, follow the textbook publisher's "Guide to Case Analysis." Also, be sure to cite all sources and to format the report according to APA guidelines (see also Documentation Rules and Citation Styles). Your report should include, in the front, a one-page executive summary. Cite references at the end of your report. The entire report must not exceed 10 pages, single-typed space. Refer to the guidelines on how to write a case analysis.


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