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"Imagine you are the Boss of a mid size manufactur...




"Imagine you are the Boss of a mid size manufacturer and supplier of a range of consumer electronic product used in the kitchen. Using the knowledge you have learned in Strategic Management, design a new strategy and introduce three (3) strategic actions that would help your Company to be within the top three industry leaders during the next five years." Make a presentation and have these summarized into no more than 10 PowerPoint slides. Require: 10 PowerPoint slides and detailed presentation notes.,Thank you, I will wait patiently,Do you want me to send you the course info?,Please give me your email address then I can email the info to you,Dear Rachel, If I may be so bold to ask you how you are progressing with the assignment. Thank you,Dear Rachel, How is the assignment coming along?,Dear Rachel, Did you make the notes needed for the presentation?


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