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Learning Activity #1 1. Read Chapter 1. Revie...




Learning Activity #1 1. Read Chapter 1. Review the 1.8 Cases and Problems (page 40) and complete the questions. ( 2. Post your answer to #4 and 5. The ?Economy section of the CNNMoney Web site provides current information on a number of economic indicators. Go to and click on ?Economy and then on ?Jobs, and find answers to the following questions: 1. Is the current level of unemployment rising or falling? 2. What do economists expect will happen to unemployment rates in the near future? 3. Is the current level of unemployment a burden or an asset to the economy? In what ways? 4. Do you remember the first dollar you earned? 5. Maybe you earned it delivering newspapers, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, or babysitting. How much do you think that dollar is worth today? Go to the WestEgg site at and find the answer to this question. After determining the current value of your first dollar, explain how the calculator was created. (Hint: Apply what you know about CPI.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Read Chapter 2. Review and complete the Exercises on page 34. (Due Thursday, 11:59pm) 2. Post a summary of your answers to items 1-6 of your Business Conduct and Ethics 1. (AACSB) Analysis You?re the CEO of a company that sells golf equipment, including clubs, bags, and balls. When your company was started and had only a handful of employees, you were personally able to oversee the conduct of your employees. But with your current workforce of nearly fifty, it?s time to prepare a formal code of conduct in which you lay down some rules that employees must follow in performing job-related activities. As a model for your own code, you?ve decided to use Macy?s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Go to the company?s Web site (http://www.federated- to view its posted code of business conduct. Your document won?t be as thorough as Macy?s, but it will cover the following areas: (1) conflicts of interest; (2) acceptance of gifts, services, or entertainment; (3) protection of confidential information; (4) use of company funds or assets for personal purposes; (5) competing fairly and ethically; and (6) adherence to code. Draw up a code of conduct for your company. 2. (AACSB) Reflective Skills Think of someone whom you regard as an ethical leader. It can be anyone connected with you?a businessperson, educator, coach, politician, or family member. Explain why you believe the individual is ethical in his or her leadership.


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