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Hello there, Yes, I'm happy to pay $300 for thi...




Hello there, Yes, I'm happy to pay $300 for this assignment to be completed. I thought I have send both reports already however, see attachment for the Egan's report! Let me know if you have received the report k. Koskela's report will follow. Thanks!,See attachment for Koskela's report!,See attachment for questions if you don't have this already!,I'm having trouble sending it through this site, I can send via email if you're okay with this! Thanks!,As requested, see link below: Koskela Report Link: >>>Application of the New Production Philosophy to Construction. Author: Lauri Koskela. VTT Building Technology. P.O. Box 1801. FIN-02044 VTT. Finland ... Egan Report Link: Let me know if you can get assess the 2 reports k. Assignment Questions if you don't have this already: By using both Koskela and Egan? reports answer the following questions: How is the current production nature in construction industry according to Koskela? Which are its main components? What means a new production philosophy to construction in the Koskela?s words? How is production in construction described by this new philosophy? Which are the general contributions of the Koskela?s report to construction logistics? Is there any link in the Koskela?s proposal between off-site and on-site production in projects? What is the main purpose of the Egan?s report? Are there some problems and challenges identified in construction supply chain by the Egan?s report? If so, which ones? Is it possible to find links between both reports in terms of problems and potential solutions for construction supply chain and logistics management? If so, please discuss clearly about these links and the corresponding problems and potential solutions.,Cool, thanks for your help and support!,Hi there Arun, Just checking to see how is your progress going with this assignment? Cheers!,Do you think we should be writing more than 2014 words for this assignment, just noticed on word count. (Maximum word required for this assignment is 4500 words). Let me know if you have any more statements to add to this assignment k! Cheers!,Sorry about the delay! I did try to reply to your question earlier on but could not send for some reason. Thanks for your assistance and patient. Will contact you in the future for help. Thanks!


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