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Need a topic related to business ethics and social...




Need a topic related to business ethics and social responsibility along with a annotated outline which is not an annotated bibliography. It is an outline providing citations showing how you plan to support each key point of your paper with your research. In your outline, it discusses briefly how each section relates to the concepts addressed in the course. Refer to the Final Course Project Description and Scoring Guide for specific details related to the final project, as well as the Writing/Critical Thinking Scoring Guide used for the short paper assignment in Unit 5, for clarification of the type of expertise in writing and critical thinking that is required here. Your outline should include the following: An introduction, including a brief description of the problem or issue you plan to address and why it is important, as well as a short summary of the key points you plan to make in the body of the paper. The body of the paper, with headings summarizing each of your key points, and citations for the research you plan to use to support each of these points. These citations are a critical ingredient of an annotated outline and demonstrate how you plan to support each of your key arguments with research. The conclusion, including a short summary of the key points made in the body and the overall conclusions or synthesis. References, which is a list of at least 20 scholarly sources you plan to use for the paper, listed alphabetically in APA style. Please complete your outline in point form, not as a narrative. Be sure that you include sufficient scholarly references that relate your topic to the field of ethics. That is, if your topic is leadership, do not submit 15 sources on leadership and only five on ethics related to leadership. In addition, make sure that you do not use headings in your outline that are those typically included in a dissertation or thesis, where one is conducting primary research (headings as "purpose of the research," "literature review" "summary of findings" etc. ). This approach is sometimes recommended in First Course or some other courses in Masters level programs, but is not appropriate for the type of academic paper that we are looking for here. In fact the headings can be quite confusing and really make your paper more complicated than necessary. Have a look at some journal articles to get a sense of what types of headings you should use.,Ok Thanks,Thank you


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