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? What should the vision statement be for the coff...




? What should the vision statement be for the coffee shop? What should be the mission statement for the organization? ? What are good short and long term goals for the coffee shop? Explain how they will be met. ? After studying the simulation, what management improvements do you feel are appropriate for Tim to make to help his business be successful? ? Are there any state or federal compliance issues that Tim should address based on your observations (other than HR issues)? ? What are the social responsibility considerations, if any? 2) HR Analysis: Human Resources: Look in the file cabinet in Unit 9 Final Project scenario and then: ? Analyze the current HR information provided. ? Either map (using a table) or outline the HR laws you identify with which Tim?s Coffee Shoppe is in compliance. ? Detail what improvements Tim should make to his human resource management and state why. 3) Marketing Analysis: Analyze the marketing survey data from the file cabinet in Unit 9 Final project scenario and report your findings in your: ? SWOT Analysis ? Create a SWOT Analysis 4) Economic environment, Finance and Accounting: ? Discuss the economic environment in the retail industry and its impact on Tim?s business success. ? Interpret the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement in view of your knowledge of accounting/finance principles (as reviewed in Unit 6). ? Describe any problems and provide detailed directions of action items for improvement; what needs to be done and when.


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