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1) Write a very short (5-8 powerpoint slide) prese...




1) Write a very short (5-8 powerpoint slide) presentation for an SBU(Strategic Business Unit) of Nestle. Do not actually conduct a strategic analysis, but merely describe the firm, its environment, the challenges it faces, and define a strategic problem that you feel it must resolve to sustain its current level of performance into the near-term. To be clear: go as far as defining the strategic problem; do not try to solve the problem. 2) Read the McKinsey paper on behavioral strategy(please see attachment). Write a 2-3 paragraph statement, integrating this paper with behaviorist/bias insights, explaining why these issues might matter for business organizations. 3) Return to your strategic presentation and amend it in light of McKinsey's new theory of behavioral strategy. Identify at least two features of your analysis in part (1) that might be profitably amplified or altered in light of the behavioral considerations raised by McKinsey. 4) Discuss the implications for firms who do strategy without the behavioral insight you have brought to bear in part (3).


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