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? Decisions in Paradise Part I When most people imagine the South Pacific often warm weather, sunny beaches, and palm trees accompany the thought. Ideas of lounging in a hammock in the shade, watching loved one play in the surf while drinking an iced cold beverage, and escaping from the stress of working and city life soothe the mind. However, not all South Pacific islands share the vision of an island paradise and a ?vacation get-a-way.? Some islands are in desperate need of help in the form of protection of inclement weather, medical assistants, protection, and economic development. Kava Kava is one such island in the South Pacific that faces significant problems including floods, tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis. The island is also subject to earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and fires as well as needing medical assistance to combat the avian flu, and outbreaks of AIDS. Kava is not without resources though; agriculture produces sugar, bananas, coffee, cocoa, and spices with island water providing fine fishing abilities and tourism. Kava is enriched with natural gas and petroleum and can provide inexpensive quality labor. Because of the petroleum, and resources Kava is subject to petroleum spills and terrorism from within and outside the country (University of Phoenix, n.d.). The people of Kava speak several languages including English, French, Spanish, and a number of indigenous languages practicing various religions mainly indigenous faiths with a small Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian presents. A sizeable number of Americans have made Kava their home blending in with the ethnic mix of indigenous tribes (Asian, African, Spanish, and French). Opportunities Kava has on its side, is community based organizations, faith-based groups, businesses, and government services (local, state, and national) including military help (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Global Gaming Hello, my name is Nik and I work for Chickasaw Nation Global Gaming Solutions, LLC (for short Global Gaming, GG), Chris, the founder of GG is sending me to Kava to meet with an associate Alex to establish a greater presence of our organization in Kava, taking on various forms based on what is mutually beneficial for GG and the people of Kava. GG is an organization with a mission to promote the general welfare of indigenous people all over the world by supporting educational, health, and housing programs while respecting historical and community activities while securing economic growth, and commerce (Chickasaw Nation, 2010). thank you for including your mission! This is the context for the case ? Once on the island, Alex explains why the government has invited companies such as GG to Kava. The government wishes to have an efficient organizational structure that includes all phases of an organization; leadership, strategic planning, marketing, purchasing, human and physical resources, technology, and finance to develop the country economically. Once trade has been established, goods from Kava can be exported around the world. Although developing Kava in an economically in the long-run benefits Kava and GG, Chris?s goal is to do what is right, and the people of Kava desperately need help turning this island from a place plagued with disasters into an island paradise (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Formulation Tools and Techniques To frame the problem GG must identify the problem, define criteria, goals, and objectives, and evaluate effects of the problem. The problem is Kava does not have enough people or money to safeguard themselves from natural disasters, terrorism, pollution, and medical concerns. The goal is to bring people, protection, and commerce to Kava to help develop Kava into an island paradise. For whom: the citizens of Kava or tourists? Next, the decision is made by identifying causes, framing alternatives, evaluate impacts of alternatives, and make the decision. The main priority is to provide sufficient housing (in secure locations), education, and medical attention to the people of Kava while maintaining the country?s historical culture; this can be funded by federal grants. Second, request government and military assistance to secure against terrorism and provide geological technologies to measure and predict natural disasters as well as help clean devastated areas. Last, create and develop commerce by inviting indigenous and other people of Kava to join the GG team of professionals; technology, marketing, purchasing, information technology, human resources, strategic planning, leadership, and finance to learn commerce and effectively sustain themselves. You are presenting solutions prematurely ? what are the issues (listed earlier) that present challenges (problems) to successfully achieving your mission on Kava? Evaluating the decision includes measuring impacts, and implementing the decision. The goal of GG is to send a full team of professionals to Kava to institute building safe schools, homes, and clinics on federal funding that will bring laborers to Kava. GG will also send a full team of professionals to train the indigenous and other people of Kava on how to create businesses and develop international trade. The request of military and government aid will protect against terrorism, and find geographically safe, clean areas in which to live and create commerce. Conclusion Kava is in desperate need of help in many areas; natural disasters, medical issues, pollution, and terrorism. GG proposes to bring in a fully staffed organization to help benefit the people of Kava by helping them build a solid foundation of health, education, and training in commerce while respecting cultures and traditions. References The Chickasaw Nation. (2010). The Official Site of the Chickasaw Nation. Retrieved from University of Phoenix. (n.d.). Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MGT350 website. University Of Phoenix. (n.d.). Decision Making Steps. Retrieved from Review APA guide on reference formatting


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