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Case 11-3 CUP Corporation Q1. (a) Why was the CCC...




Case 11-3 CUP Corporation Q1. (a) Why was the CCC created?(b) Why is the CCC made a profit center? Q2. In the light of providing customer service, discuss the roles, relationship and conflicts between CCC and sales agents of the company. Q3. What are the key success factors of the CCC? Q4. As an advisor to the project manager, Derrick Westmuller, what set of measures would you advise they adopt? Q5. Develop a balanced measurement system showing how the measures and measurements link to what you believe are the key success factors of the CCC.,Hi, thank you for doing this. I have a few other assignments I will submit to your company on receiving feedback from this initial first assignment. I am so snowed under with assessments at the moment and don't have enough time to complete them all by the due date which is why I will definitly use your company again for more after feedback from this one. Kind regards, Victoria Winter.,No problem, I will scan it and attach the text case. Won't be long. Thankyou.,Hi, I am sending 8 pages out of my text book of 'Management Control Systems' 12th edition, Robert N. Anthony and Vijay Gonvindarajan.,I have just sent through 8 attachments of each page of my text book for the Cup case study, you will just need to open them in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and put them at a size of 100% so the pages are easier to read. Please let me know if you have any troubles with these or with the page numbers. Thank you again. Regards, Victoria Winter.,Hi, I am just checking to see that everything is going ok with the assignment? Did you receive the copies of the case study? Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Victoria Winter.,Hi - I just got some feedback on this assignment and there are still some things to add. I have attached the feedback and am sending it to to you to complete. Regards, Victoria Winter.


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