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NetSuite Dashboards Select one industry and explore 3 roles. For each role describe the financial and non-financial performance measures found on the dashboard. Select one of the roles that you explored. Select one of the financial and non-financial performance measures found on the dashboard. Describe how the role and related measure would fit within the universal EPM framework below. So, for example, if you were the service manager for an exterminator, and a key indicator on your dashboard was ?return visits?. Back into the corporate objectives, understanding the business, discuss some of the value drivers, identify measures (like those on the dashboard), talk about how to motivate employees for value creation, discuss possible reward (if return trips decreases), etc. I?m simply looking to see how you would manage a measure. establish corporate strategic objectives determine key value drivers identify related success measures provide all levels with access to information provide incentives to generate value include frontline in the operational decision-making processes measure success reward success reevaluate plans and measures in a continuous cycle of improvement,I am not sure how this answers my questions. Did you attach the wrong attachment? I will need this by COB today. Thank you.,Sir, Do you have a response for this assignment? Thank you for your assistance.,I'm sorry. I forgot to provide you the link. You need to access this link and select one of the industries. Click for Interactive Dashboard View, then select an industry.;jsessionid=0a0107431f433774c8779a7a4c79b2c495ca2bf9f674.e3eTaxiPc3mTe34Pa38Ta38NaNz0?gclid=CNqEltmSjpcCFQsMGgod12Dz8Q,;jsessionid=0a0107431f433774c8779a7a4c79b2c495ca2bf9f674.e3eTaxiPc3mTe34Pa38Ta38NaNz0?gclid=CNqEltmSjpcCFQsMGgod12Dz8Q,;jsessionid= 0a0107431f433774c8779a7a4c79b2c495ca2bf9f674.e3eTaxiPc3mTe34Pa38T a38NaNz0?gclid=CNqEltmSjpcCFQsMGgod12Dz8Q,Sir, I have resubmitted as a separate question. Thank you.


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