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Problem: The following misstatements are sometime...




Problem: The following misstatements are sometimes found in the sales and collection cycle?s account balances: 1. Several accounts receivable in the accounts receivable master file are not included in the aged trial balance. 2. One account receivable in the accounts receivable master file included on the aged trial balance twice. 3. Cash received from collections of accounts receivable in the subsequent period is recorded as current period receipts. 4. The allowance for uncollectible accounts is inadequate because of the client?s failure to reflect depressed economic conditions in the allowance. 5. Several accounts receivable are in dispute as a result of claims of defective merchandise. 6. The pledging of accounts receivable to the bank for a loan is not disclosed in the financial statements. 7. Goods shipped and included in the current period sales were returned in the subsequent period. 8. Long-term interest-bearing notes receivable from affiliated companies are included in accounts receivable. 9. The trial balance total does not equal the amount in the general ledger. Required: a. For each misstatement, identify the balance-related audit objective to which it pertains.


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