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Frank and Bob are equal members in Soxy Socks, LLC...




Frank and Bob are equal members in Soxy Socks, LLC. When forming the LLC, Frank contributed $50,000 in cash and $50,000 worth of equipment. Frank's adjusted basis in the equipment was $35,000. Bob contributed $50,000 in cash and $50,000 worth of land. Bob's adjusted basis in the land was $30,000. On 3/15/04, Soxy Socks sells the land Bob contributed for $60,000. How much gain (loss) related to this transaction will Bob report on his X4 return? Erica and Brett decide to form their new motorcycle business as an LLC. Each will receive an equal profits (loss) interest by contributing cash, property, or both. In addition to the members' contributions, their LLC will obtain a $50,000 nonrecourse loan from First Bank at the time it is formed. Brett contributes cash of $5,000 and a building he bought as a storefront for the motorcycles. The building has an FMV of $45,000, an adjusted basis of $30,000, and is secured by a $35,000 nonrecourse mortgage that the business LLC will assume. What is Brett's outside tax basis in his LLC interest? Sue and Andrew form SA general partnership. Each person receives an equal interest in the newly created partnership. Sue contributes $10,000 of cash and land with a FMV of $55,000. Her basis in the land is $20,000. Andrew contributes equipment with a FMV of $12,000 and a building with a FMV of $33,000. His basis in the equipment is $8,000, and his basis in the building is $20,000. How much gain must the SA general partnership recognize on the transfer of these assets from Sue and Andrew?


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