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Bernard Madoff Case Specific Steps: Submit a proposed topic for the research paper to the professor (to your assignment folder) and obtain approval. Do this the first week of class. Upon approval, begin research and document your investigation process (how you find material). One of the deliverables will be a completed research tracker (see examples attached), so be sure to keep good notes from the first day. Your research tracker may include research that did not support or assist your investigation. Including these steps supports the thoroughness of your investigation. Evaluate and use high-quality resources (ask questions in the conference discussion on resources and quality). Write an 8-10 page research paper, 12 point font, single-spaced, with double spaces between paragraphs, and with one-inch margins. You are creating a business report; presentation is important. If you use tables or graphics, be sure they are formatted to fit the pages or columns properly. Make is visually pleasing. The paper should be properly presented in APA format with proper in-text citing of material. Although not required, you should consider submitting your report to the Effective Writing Center for review and suggestions. Points will be deducted for poor grammar, sentence construction, spelling and punctuation errors, and lack of proper ?flow? of your work. Upon submission of the research paper (and completed research tracker), students should also present an executive summary of the topic, their analysis, and conclusions in a conference to the rest of the class for review and discussion. This presentation can be the summary of the paper, itself, a PowerPoint presentation, an audio presentation, or whatever you choose to do. It is an opportunity for you to ?teach? the class about what you have learned. An additional 5% of the final course grade will come from the quality of the ?presentation? of the research paper material and facilitation of a discussion of the work. It will not be enough to simply post the summary, but you must also guide the conversation and answer questions posed, reflect of comments made, etc. All students are expected to comment on all presentations.,My question is to look at the research paper and try to make it as the specific steps that I want plus add more information Please!


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