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Using the accrual basis of accounting, prepare Maj...




Using the accrual basis of accounting, prepare Majestic Caterers? Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the year ended December 31, 2008.,Okay, thanks so much. The previous question i posted (Eagle Impairment Case 10-2) I completed but needed a second opinion by tomorrow so I couldn't extend the deadline for the hrs. requested. Would you also be interested in looking at the problem as well?,This is the question to go along with my answer in the attachment I just sent,Okay, thanks so much.,I just read your recent message thread. It's okay, and thank you for your notice. I have a limited account, and noticed that the answer I am looking for is in documents on this site. Is it possible that you could send it to me from here because I don't have document access? It is called Trueblood Case 10-2 Eagle Impairment,Thank you,No, Thank you it really means a lot to me. I have re-posted it in a new thread.,Hi, I recieved an email from you saying to increase my assignment (Eagle Impairment) time to 24hrs. I only have until 3pm today. Could you please view the documents from this site where my problem is already answered so that I can view their response and compare it to my own? I have a limited account and cannot access documents. -Mariah I


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