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Papa John?s vs. Dominos You are to select a US...




Papa John?s vs. Dominos You are to select a US-based company and one of its competitors that are both publicly traded and therefore file reports with the SEC. The decision context is that of an investor making a judgement as to the desirability of investing in the stock of one of the two companies. --- Chose Domino's as a better investment option. I have done the ratio portion of this assignment ? I computed all ratios that were relevant to the two companies for the most recent year. I also computed common size statements for the balance sheet and income statement. (I?ve attached this part) Write a memo concluding which of the two companies would be the best investment candidate. The memo should include references to the key data you produced in the excel spreadsheet that support your recommendations. Beyond the ratio analysis you should probably also include an analysis of their cash flow statements as part of your recommendations. If you need basis for compairson as to whether this is a good candidate or not you might make some reference to industry data. Information about domestic competitors and the industry might be avavailable from multiple sources on the internet. One such source would be Yahoo Finance or Yahoo Finance also has information about analyst?s option which could give you some indictation of whether others think this stock may be a buy or sell opportunity. The analysts also provide forecasts of future earnings and growth opportunities. Please focus on how analysts provide forecasts and growth opportunities for this company and the company?s future and how that relates to why we think this is a better company.


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