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The following transactions took place at serene tr...




The following transactions took place at serene trails hike and bike shop. Indicate the general ledger account numbers that would be debited and credited to record each transaction. General Ledger accounts 101 Cash 205 Accounts Payable 501 Purchases 502 Freight In 503 Purchases Returns and Allowances Transactions 1. Purchased merchandise for $1500;the terms are 2/10, n/30. 2. Returned damaged merchandise to a supplier and received a credit memorandum for $300. 3. Issued a check for $800 to a supplier as a payment on account. 4. Purchased merchandise for $2400 plus a freight charge of $260;the supplier's invoice is payable in 30 days. 5. received on allowance for merchandise that was damaged but can be sold at a reduced price; the supplier's credit memorandum is for $400. 6. Purchased merchandise for $4200 in cash.


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