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These are my 2 question that I need an answer by 6...




These are my 2 question that I need an answer by 6pm today. Please, do not send me an extension time by tomorow or something else, and also do not try to ask more money. I have 3 questions per day. On this sheet there are 2 questions. I already pay for full year of service and i expect to recive service for what i paid.,I dont need that in 24 hours. I need that by 6pm today.,Can I expect those answers soon?,I really need those, can you tell me the time period or anything???except it is still under evaluation,It's been 7 hours. How long I have to wait for you to answer 2 questions sir. Now you want to extend more time. I needed those two answers by 6 pm today not 48 hours later. I didn?t ask you to fly space shuttle for me, but to solve two freaking accounting questions. This is ridiculous.,You need 2 days to solve 2 questions, unbelievable. Why am I paying your organization, so I can wait for an answer for two days?,I need those answers now, and they better be correct answers.....,you services are no longer required.


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